College and young adulthood is a time of new opportunities.  You live in a new place.  You make new friends.  You study new things.  You start a new career.  And, to be honest, you most likely are facing questions that you have never had to answer before.

We believe that this is going to be a major transformational time in your life.  The question is: what are you transforming into?  As you approach this gigantic intersection of people, cultures and ideas, you will have to make choices.  What do I believe?  What things are truly important?  How am I going to live out my Christian faith?

We have a communities of both college students and twenty somethings who study God’s Word together as we try to answer the questions that life is always confronting us with.  We invite you to come check it out.  It truly is an amazing thing to engage God’s Word with people you can live life with, who aren’t afraid to ask big questions because we know we have a big God.

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