Here is a list of opportunities to serve in the Lifepoint Kids Ministry. Contact your campus for more specific information.

Babies to 2 Years Small Group Leaders

Volunteers who work with infants will facilitate nurturing, feeding, and diapering. Volunteers who work with toddlers and older children will facilitate the playtime, snack, and diapering needs of those children.

Preschool – 3 to 5 Years Small Group Leaders

Present bible lessons and lead/facilitate in the classroom for preschool children.  With the use of a provided curriculum (accessible online), lead the teaching time, coordinate the rotation of children through activities, and give direction to room assistants.

K – 5th Grade Small Group Leaders

Present Bible lessons and lead/facilitate in the classroom for a specific age group of children. With the use of a provided curriculum, lead the teaching time, coordinate the rotation of students through activities, and give direction to Lifepoint Kids Assistants as they help you shepherd the children in activities and conversations related to the week’s lesson.

Resource Team

Our Resource Teams meet weekly to prepare all materials that are necessary for Small Group Leaders to run their groups efficiently. Our goal is for Small Group Leaders to focus on relationships with the children, not on worrying about tasks. The better organized the supplies are for each activity, the easier it is for the Small Group Leaders to connect with their kids.

Check In Team

Our Check In Team members are the first people families encounter when they arrive, so they make every effort to create positive first impressions of the Lifepoint Kids environment and make families feel secure.  In addition to assisting regular attenders and members they will greet new parents and children, explain our security protocol and escort them to their classrooms.

Security Team

Keep children, volunteers and parents at Lifepoint safe. Our Security Team members are responsible for carrying out safety and security procedures that assure parents that their children will experience the best possible care.


Oversee room activities, keep the schedule of activities on time and support Small Group Leaders. Our Producers facilitate an orderly flow in either School Age or Preschool environments. They welcome children as they arrive and help them find their age-specific small group.  Producers help redirect children who are distracting the group.  They also manage the dismissal time by checking tags of children with their parents’ claim tag.

Large Group Leaders

Teach Bible lessons to children in a fun and engaging way. If you like acting or are able to communicate God’s truth to a large group of children and adults, you will be perfect to serve as a Large Group Leader.

Worship Team

Lead children in worshiping through music. If you love kids and know how to sing, play an instrument, or know dance and choreography you will love serving on the Worship Team.