We’re so thankful for our Lifepoint Kids team members who invest in the lives of our children and families. Whatever gifts you have, our goal is to help you find the right area where you will enjoy serving. Below are some possible opportunities in which you can serve. For more information on how to get involved, please contact your campus.

Littles (Babies to 2 Years)

Our “Littles” volunteers care for our infants and younger toddlers. Volunteers who work with infants facilitate nurturing, feeding, and diapering. Volunteers who work with toddlers and older children will facilitate the playtime, snack, and diapering needs of those children.

Juniors (3 to 5 Years)

In “Juniors,” there are opportunities to present bible lessons and lead/facilitate in the classroom for preschool children.  With the use of a provided curriculum (accessible online), you might lead the teaching time, coordinate the rotation of children through activities, or give direction to room assistants.

Crew (K – 5th Grade)

In “Crew,” with the use of a provided curriculum you might lead the teaching time, coordinate the rotation of students through activities, lead a small group of children, or give direction to Lifepoint Kids Assistants as they help you shepherd the children in activities and conversations related to the week’s lesson.

Large Group Leaders, Worship Team, or Tech

Like to teach Bible lessons to children in a fun and engaging way? If you like acting or are able to communicate God’s truth to a large group of children and adults, you will be perfect to serve as a Large Group Leader. Our Worship team leads children in worshiping through music and hand motions. Our Tech team facilitates sound, lights, etc.

UR Special

The UR Special is a team of individuals who serve in our children’s ministry area each week by teaming up with a child who needs some extra special attention. The UR Special Team members help each children with special needs participate in worship, listen to the skit and participate in the lesson with his/her peers. They make any necessary accommodations throughout the worship time to help each child learn more about Christ and interact in a positive way with his/her peers.



Access the Lifepoint Kids Curriculum HERE