Steve Clifton

Connections Director
Lewis Center

Steve is a native Ohioan with a transient childhood throughout Ohio and parts of North Carolina. Steve and his wife, Angie, met near his hometown and the two were married in 2003. God has blessed them with three beautiful daughters; Reagan, Madelyn (MJ), and Gwendelyn (Gwen). Steve and Angie began attending Lifepoint in 2005 and Steve serves part-time as our Connections Director at the Lewis Center campus. Steve is a Buckeye Football and Basketball fan, Chicago Cubs fan, an avid golfer, and he speaks fluent movie quotes.

Connect With

Favorite Sports Teams

Buckeye Football, Cubs Baseball, Buckeye Basketball

Dream Travel Destination

The UK - I'd love to visit several towns and also play golf where it started

What I'm Listening To

Christian Hip Hop, Folk & Country

Favorite Flix

Star Wars and other Sci-Fi's, but I'm also a sucker for a good rom-com

What's On TV

This is Us and the next binge worthy, clean-ish, streaming show

Favorite Eats

Pizza, Wings, and Dark Chocolate - all the essentials

What I'm Reading

Anything thats been turned into a movie