Paul Priddy

Student & College Director

Paul was born and raised in northern Ohio. In 2011 he began attending Ohio Wesleyan University where he earned a degree in English and Education. It was also at OWU that he met his wonderful wife, Maddie, who he married in January of 2017. Paul began attending Lifepoint Delaware in April 2016 and it was in the context of Lifegroup that God graciously began to move his heart, mind, and spirit from being a fan of Jesus to a follower. As a result of this transformation, Paul, and his wife Maddie are committed to sharing their experiences and love for Jesus with college students in the Delaware area, specifically at Ohio Wesleyan, in the hope that none may walk alone in their relationship with Christ.

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Favorite Sports Teams

Cleveland Cavaliers, Cleveland Browns

Dream Travel Destination

Israel, New Zealand

What I'm Listening To

Will Reagan, Hillsong United, For KING & COUNTRY

Favorite Flix

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Star Wars, Rocky

What's On TV

My wife really enjoys making me watch Fixer Upper. Netflix Documentaries are my preference, though.

Favorite Eats

Chipotle, Pizza, Bacon & Eggs

What I'm Reading

Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity by Nancy Pearcey, Why Jesus by Ravi Zacharias , Life Lessons: Ephesians by Max Lucado, The Bible