Nathan Shireman

Campus Life Pastor
Lewis Center

Nathan is originally from Indiana, but moved to Ohio at a very early age. He began his relationship with Christ very early in life and continues to be amazed at how much God continues to teach him each and every day. Throughout the years, Nathan has enjoyed serving in numerous church plants and startup church concepts, all with their own various blessings and challenges. Nathan married his high school sweetheart, Nikki, and they are the proud parents of 4 wonderful children, Noah, Zachary, Elijah, and Lily. Nathan is very excited to be on the Lifepoint team, as his God given talents are geared towards connecting with people and sharing God’s love through action and word.

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Favorite Sports Teams

Anyone who is going to make my fantasy football team score massive points

Dream Travel Destination

The Grand Canyon (specifically the top of it, not the bottom)

What I'm Listening To

A Strange Mix including Queen’s Club, Johnny Cash, Ladytron, Prince, MyEpic, and House of Heroes

Favorite Flix

Once, Anything by Monty Python and the Coen Brothers, The Muppet Movie

What's On TV

The Office, Floor Is Lava, The Mole

Favorite Eats

All “Ma and Pop” style Pizza joints

What I'm Reading

The Screw Tape Letters, Ayn Rand’s Anthem, and I John