Anne Grether

Launch Director
Lewis Center

Anne has spent most of her life in Ohio except for a brief stint right after she married her husband, Adam. They lived in New Hampshire and Maryland. It was during her time living outside of Ohio that she encountered God in a real way and the gospel became personal to her. When they moved back for Adam to go to school (at The Ohio State University, of course), she was baptized in a backyard swimming pool! In 2006, they started to attend Lifepoint Church and have served in a variety of roles. Currently, Anne is the Launch Director, welcoming and guiding new guests on the Launch Pathway. They have incredible 3 kids, Emily, Ethan and Aiden which keeps them both busy and humble!

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Favorite Sports Teams

My boys soccer teams

Dream Travel Destination

Israel & Italty

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Various Podcasts

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The Count of Monte Cristo

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Any baked good

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Celebration of Disciplines; If the Tomb is Empty