October Build Update

October 13, 2020

Hey Church,

Our new facility is wrapped on the exterior, which gives the building more shape. Things on site are changing daily. Thanks so much for your faithfulness in prayer and generosity! Here’s an update on this month’s activities.

Grace & peace,

Pastor Dean

  • The sitework contractor completing the cut and final grading operations for the north and south parking lots
  • The asphalt paving subcontractor installing the stone base for the remaining parking  lots
  • The concrete subcontractor installing the barrier curbs for all parking lots
  • The mason installing the brick veneer for the Auditorium, the Administrative  areas and the LP Kids areas
  • The structural steel subcontractor erecting the  structural steel for the risers within the Auditorium
  • The metal stud subcontractor installing exterior studs and sheathing for the Administrative area, the Atrium and the LP Kids area and continuing the interior metal studs for the Administrative and Atrium areas. 
  • The roofer has installed the TPO roof for the Auditorium and the Administrative areas. 
  • The HVAC subcontractor completed installation of the large ductwork and roof curbs for the Auditorium. 
  • The electrician completed installation of the underground conduit runs, concrete site light pole  
  • bases for site lighting and started the electrical rough-ins in the Administrative  areas.