May Build Update

May 21, 2020

Hey Church!

Here’s an update of the activities that took place in April for building our new Lewis Center Facility. The weather/amount of rain continued to slow the pace of work at the beginning of the month. However, the sunny days at the end of April accelerated the pace of the foundation work.

Thanks so much for how you are praying specifically for progress in our work!

  • Construction activities on site included the site work subcontractor’s completion of the storm sewer systems for the entire project including the newly designed storm outlet pipe for the north retention pond. 
  • The underground domestic and water line systems were also completed, inspected and approved by the County. 
  • The Site work subcontractor performed cut to fill operations to complete the western half of the building pad as well as the remaining areas for the parking lots and driveways. 
  • The site work subcontractor also re-spread topsoil and hauled off excess topsoil. 
  • Both the eastern and western halves of the building pad were able to be cement stabilized on two separate mobilizations by the subcontractor. 
  • The asphalt paving subcontractor installed the gravel sub-base for the entry drive and a portion of the parking lot on the eastern side of the building.
  • The concrete subcontractor was able to install the gravel sub-base for the entire building’s concrete slab on grade. 
  • The concrete subcontractor also started the concrete foundations for the Auditorium portion of the building.
  • The steel subcontractor has now fabricated 100% of the structural steel and is currently being stored at an off-site location.