Lifepoint Lewis Center Campus Is Moving To Three Services October 25

October 15, 2020

Public FAQ for 3 Services

Starting on October 25th, 2020 through the end of the year, Lifepoint Church – Lewis Center Campus will host 3 services for the purpose of creating more space in the auditorium, while keeping chairs distanced during COVID-19.

New Schedule:

9am, 10am, 11am

Each service will be 40-45 minutes in length (9am and 11am services will be 45 minutes in length. 10am service will be 40 minutes in length to allow for LPKids pickup to happen within a 20 minute window).

We are asking all volunteers and staff to once again park in the North Point Dance lot or the Lazer Kraze Lot, to ensure there is adequate parking for our guests and regular attenders. 

9am Service Details:

  • Mask Required for anyone ages 2 years and up. No entry into the building without wearing a mask.  Masks must be worn at all times while in the building, even while sitting in the auditorium and while singing.  This service is geared toward our high at-risk population therefore we are asking all people in the North Lobby and Auditorium to wear masks at all times, so that our most vulnerable population will be able to attend an in-person gathering. 
  • Parking Team will send all cars to back lot. Building entry/exit will happen through the rear auditorium doors located in the back lot.  First time guest spots will be designated in the back lot, via use of cones.
  • Connections Team Members will staff the door and remind people about masks. If someone can’t wear a mask due to medical exemption, we will invite them to the 10am or 11am service.
  • No Coffee will be brewed for this service as masks need to remain on.
  • No Lifepoint Kids for this Service.  This is a family service.  Mother/infant room is open.
  • Guest Central will operate from a high-top table in the rear of the auditorium near the Next Steps Room
  • The Next Steps Team will operate out of their current space
  • The restrooms we will encourage people to use will be in the North Lobby.  We will ask that all 9am service attendees remain either in the auditorium or the North Lobby.
  • After service concludes, we will ask everyone to exit out of the same rear auditorium door and if weather permits (ie. no ice, heavy rain, etc) we will open bay door and use the ramp to exit
  • Anyone serving will be required to wear a mask

10am and 11am Service Details:

  • These two services will be very similar to what we currently have established at Lifepoint, in regards to the Mask Mandate.  If people have an exemption, they are not required to wear a mask, otherwise we are asking people to please wear a mask per the Ohio Mask Mandate.
  • Coffee Service will be available, both Self Serve and Served
  • Parking will begin in the West and North Lots at 10am, allowing for the back lot to empty, and then at 11am, parking will begin in the back lot, allowing for the West/North lots to empty. First time Guests in either service will still be directed to the West Guest Parking Spots.
  • LPKids and MS Groups will both function as normal
  • Guest Central and Next Steps will both function as normal