Lifepoint Family Milestones

August 14, 2020

Lifepoint Family Ministries currently offers key opportunities for families to participate in as you celebrate God’s activity in the life of your child or student. Below is a summary of these five milestone opportunities and how to participate.


At Lifepoint, Child Dedication is an important milestone in the life of the family. God has given parents an incredible role and Lifepoint wants to partner with parents as you commit to raising your child to know and love Him. *Your family can participate in your campus’ next Child Dedication by signing up on your campus’ events page.



Personal Ministry through serving is a core value at Lifepoint. If you have a child/student who is interested in serving and investing in younger kids while also helping our adult leaders, then Jumpback is for them! Kids (3rd grade and above) who have a desire to serve are invited to attend our nextJumpback Training with one parent/ guardian.

*This training is designed for kids 3rd grade through middle school. You can register for the next Jumpback Training on your campus’ events page.



Graduating High School is a key milestone in the life of a student. As they graduate we take time to recognize and pray over our High School Seniors and commission them into the next phase of life. *Your family can participate in your campus’ Senior Recognition by signing up on your campus’ events page.



A major milestone worth celebrating is when a child or student first trusts in Jesus for salvation! This is often called a “profession of faith.” When this milestone happens, we encourage your family to do something fun to celebrate together and to let your child/student’s group leader know so they can celebrate as well! The next step after a profession of faith is going public through water baptism…



If your child or student has a made a profession of faith, their next, best step is to go public with their faith through water baptism (Matthew 28:18-20). Here is how your child or student can begin the process of getting baptized at Lifepoint…

For our Lifepoint Kids, your child (and at least one parent/ guardian) are invited to attend the Kids Elements Class (ages preschool-5th grade), where we cover what the Bible says theGospel, baptism, and going public with our faith at Lifepoint. *You can sign up for the Kids Elements Class on your campus’ events page.

For our Lifepoint Students, please click here to register for baptism at your campus. A Lifepoint Church staff member (pastor or director) will follow up with and schedule a time to meet with your student, hear about their profession of faith, and to talk through the next step of baptism together.


If you have any questions about any of these milestone opportunities, please contact your campus.