Lifepoint Reads Luke Together

May 1, 2022

During the month of May, as a church, we are reading through the book of Luke. We are asking everyone to read one chapter a day (Mon - Sat) until the book is complete.

Option 1: Use your own copy of scripture

Option 2: Use the Luke Explained reading plan in the YouVersion Bible App <>

Option 3: Visit a Lifepoint campus to pick up a copy of scripture.

Additionally, we know that if you’re new to scripture, or you have been a long history of spending time with God, we know that inspiration always helps. We interview 6 people about how they spend time with God and compiled the video below. We think you will find in incredibly insightful how much creativity is used among these 6 people.

And last, we want to share the journey together. As you learn something from your reading time, as you have questions, as you apply what you have learned, please post to Facebook or Instagram using #lpbible

As you read, we'd love to hear from you! Please take a moment to let us know your insights and updates on your progress by using the hashtag #LPBible when posting on Facebook & Instagram.

The goal is to finish Luke by the end of the month, and then to move on to other books of the Bible (we suggest reading Acts after Luke). 

We are praying for you as you engage God's Word!