Jon's Announcement

August 7, 2022

Dear Lifepoint Church, leaders, and staff,

Serving at Lifepoint has been one of the greatest joys of my life. I am so humbled that God has called me to serve you all of these years. God has taught me to value, guard, and execute my calling with excellence in my 15+ years. To say that I’m thankful for everything that this church means to me and my family is a gross understatement. I am eternally grateful. God has been so kind to my family and me through you, Lifepoint Church. The vision, leadership, and pastoring that God has allowed me to be under has been utterly integral to the development of my calling as a Worship Pastor. I would not be who I am today without this incredible expression of God’s Church.

I hope the words I’ve just shared give you a glimpse into my heart for you, Lifepoint. My family and I love you. I share these words because I want to be sure that I communicate from the deepest part of my heart that what I am sharing is a reflection of being equipped by our pastors, staff, and leaders at Lifepoint Church. We are a sending church, and we are humbly asking for your blessing in this sending moment.

I began sensing that God was shifting us in February. Initially as I was praying, I thought it was insecurity. Then, I thought it was the enemy. Finally, I realized that as Allison and I continued to pray, it was God’s Spirit stirring in me. We had a few sleepless nights, as Allison and I became convinced that God was shifting our scenery. As we prayed and wrestled with this reality, God brought us to a point of 100% agreement and 100% commitment to do whatever and go wherever He would want us to. As Pastor Dean says, “Is your yes on the table?” This has been a process of putting our “yes” on the table.

In a specific prayer moment, I was on my knees in my living room, and I sensed God press into me that my questions were becoming disobedience. I began to realize that my determination to shrug things off was turning into lack of faith and trust in the God who has sweetly cared for me my whole life. Out of this prayer interaction, and many other times in Scripture, prayer, and conversations with Allison and mentors of mine, I/we believe that God is moving us to serve another Body of believers.

God had prepared His place for us. On August 21st, I will begin my role as the Worship Pastor at Stonecreek Church in Milton,GA. Our family is absolutely called, convicted, and convinced that this is where our Father wants us to be. This has been a beautiful, yet incredibly heart-wrenching process for us because we weren’t wanting to leave. Yet, we sensed God sending us. We love, love, love Lifepoint and its staff and believe in Jesus’ name that its best days are still ahead! We long deeply for everyone to know that we are purely leaving from a sense of God’s undeniable and unrelenting calling on our hearts. You all are so precious to me and my family, and we will deeply miss all of you. I love you so much, All of God’s blessings over you!

Grace and Peace,

Jonathan E. Myers