BUILD Update

February 1, 2020

Hey Lifepoint Lewis Center!

Thanks for how you are praying for the construction of our new facility.

Here’s a construction update for what took place in January:

  • The completion of the storm sewer system by the site subcontractor for the west and north parking lots
  • Continued the installations for the balance of the storm sewer system, approx 66% complete
  • Continued the systematic stripping of topsoil in order to obtain good, dry clay materials for the continuations of the cut to fill operations for the construction of the building pad and south parking lot
  • Eastern half of the building pad is now at the proper subgrade elevation
  • We need approx 2,500 CY of fill dirt in order to complete the construction of the building pad
  • This dirt will be generated from the remaining storm sewer installation excavations
  • Installed the direct bore piping for both the water and sanitary sewer lines crossing beneath the existing creek on the north side of the property
  • Fire protection water lines on the west side of the building were installed
  • Performed the exploratory hydro-vac excavations at the NW corner of the property to investigate how to install the storm pipe exciting the north pond and tying into the city’s storm sewer system
  • Asphalt paving subcontractor completed the stoning operations for the west parking lot
  • Electricians installed the pole, backboard, panel and meter setting for the trailer’s temporary electric service

One prayer request:

That we would get better weather…we need 3-4 days without rain!

Thanks so much for your faithfulness!

Pastor Dean