Peru: Praise and Prayer Report from the Field

From the Peru Team:

Highlights & Praises:

The team was able to visit believers in four villages (Llacllin, Pararin, Cotaparaco, Tapacocha).  On Sunday 11th, individuals from three of the villages (Llacllin, Pararin, Cotaparaco) joined as the body of Christ in a single church service. The Pastor from Llacllin (Alejandro) was bold in Jesus’s name, proclaiming unity, community and joining together as the body of Christ to reach others in the Andes’ Mountains! Alejandro used that experience to encourage his congregation at a church service in Llacllin that same evening.

God opened many doors…all in His time. Glory to God!!

1) The team visited Pararin with plans to talk to people and watch the sunset. Upon arriving in town, we found that there was no one around and the town was covered by thick clouds. We had searched out for Lorrdis, a lady who owns a store and made the decision to follow Christ a few trips back, but had no success after going to her house and store; she was nowhere to be seen.  After walking around for an hour, the team agreed to climb a hill over the city to pray. On our way back through town several of us were praying for Lorrdis to be around. We went to drop a few items off in the car, turned a corner and there she was!  She was beaming with smiles ear to ear; so vibrant and full of joy.  She welcomed us into her store and what followed was a Spirit led time involving scripture, testimonies, prayers, encouragement and tears. It was a very special time. When we left her store (after an hour or so), there was not a cloud in the sky, allowing the team to see His beautiful creation! Glory to God!

2) The ladies of the team were invited to the house of Alejandro (Llacllin’s pastor) to help prepare lunch with his wife, Fausta and Teresa (another believer).  This was a huge answer to prayer because we had been praying that God would break down barriers between the villagers and the team. They opened their home and their lives. It was such a wonderful time of vulnerability and encouragement.  The ladies were all able to share stories of God’s redemption in their lives and share in the goodness and grace of God as they spoke to how God used trials and hardships to lead them to the cross. Teresa had a testimony very similar to a lady on the team; what an incredible moment to realize that the same God had worked in a similar way as he drew two girls from different continents and very different circumstances to Himself.   

3)  In Llacllin, while the team was waiting in the municipal building for the mayor, a few members left in search for the school principal (to ask about visiting the school). The principal pulled up at the school on the back of the motorcycle immediately when the team went to find him, and was only there for five minutes!  Had the team not went out to speak with him at that time, we most likely would not have been permitted into the school.  Once again, God making the way.  As a result of going to the school, the team was able to share scripture, testimony and the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego to all of the students!  The Team was able to connect with Raul while at the school (he was saved on a prior trip).  He asked if the team could meet with him later that evening to pray with him.  As a result of meeting with Raul and praying with him that evening, the team was able to meet his mother and siblings and ask if he could go to church that evening. They allowed it and he was permitted to join the church for the following two nights.  

Specific Prayer Requests:  That God continues to move in the Ancash area of Peru; His body is unified among the villages, that there is one voice for Jesus and the people are brought together in love, through Christ. That God is glorified through this and people are drawn to Him.  35 By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” (John 13:35)

  • Llacllin (active meeting of an evangelical church):
    • Pray for the church and the pastor, Alejandro.  Pray that they will live on mission in the village and neighboring villages, sharing Christ with others. Pray that the church would be willing to modify their service ‘program’ as the Lord leads, allowing God to shape their gatherings as He would choose.  
    • Pray for Raul: Raul is a youth believer whose parents don’t approve of him going to the church because he is out too late on school nights.  Pray that he is encouraged and that God softens his parents’ hearts.  Pray that other young believers (Miller and Ernesto) come alongside him.  
    • Bertha and her family: Bertha is an elder in the community who has great difficulty hearing / seeing / walking.  Therefore, she stays seated in her house all day.  Pray for healing and against isolation.  Within her family are believers and non-believers; pray for unity of their family and that they are drawn to God.
    • Church Building: Pray that God’s will is made known to Alejandro and the church on when / if / where to have a building.  Until that time, pray that God would unify them under the true meaning of what it is to BE the church and that they find peace and contentment resting in God’s timing.
  • Pray for Pararin (no active evangelical church):
    • Pray that God soften the hearts of the people in Para with receptiveness to His word.
    • Pray for Lorrdis: Appears to be the only believer in the village; light on top of the hill.  Pray that she he encouraged and comforted by God in scripture and through prayer.  That God brings other people into her life to lift her up.  That she stays strong for God in the face of adversity. Pray that God would direct her steps in regards to her job and living location.
  • Pray for Tapacocha (no active evangelical church):                                     
    • Pray that God soften the hearts of the people in Tapa with receptiveness to His word.
    • Lucho, Claudia and family:  That God continues to use them as a light in Tapa.  That they continue to reflect Biblical examples and stand strong in Christ against opposition (most recently to participate in religious ‘village wide’ events that are not God honoring).  Prayer for overall health of Lucho, his parents and Claudia (her heart murmur).
  • Cotaparaco (active meeting of an evangelical church):
    • Pray that the church in Cotaparoca is outward focused, not just in their local village but looking towards Tapacocha and Alpacocha.
    • Pray that the church sees people as Jesus does.  Pray against division, resentment, unforgiveness, gossip & slander.
    • Church building: God has blessed them with the money to purchase the materials for a building. Pray that it is used to further His kingdom….His will and not their own.