Covenant King

God’s Old Testament covenants teach us about a New Testament King.


Trouble in Paradise

Genesis teaches us about the foundation of Christmas.

A Destination Worth the Trip

A message on Deuteronomy 30.

Indecent Proposal

We learn from Moses that dependence takes priority over strategy

Fixer Upper Families

Paul gives us remodeling instructions for our “Fixer Upper” families.


God Makers

We learn from Moses how to become God defined leaders.

Courageous Obedience

Jacob teaches us that living a life of courageous obedience unlocks the life God has for us.


No Thanks

The Covenant at Mt. Sinai teaches us how much God cares for us.

Father-in-law Knows Best

Jethro teaches us that we can serve others because Jesus served us.

Pillars and Plans

The Crossing of the Red Sea teaches us that the easy way isn’t always the best way.

Life on Purpose

Jesus teaches us how to live life on purpose.

The Frog in the Kettle

We learn about spiritual insensitivity from Moses and Pharaoh.

Here I Am

Moses’ experience with the burning bush teaches us that God is enough.

An Endangered Species

We learn from the beginning of Moses’ life that God wants to move people from bondage to freedom

Taking Care of Business

Jesus teaches us how to use work to bring God glory.

Opposites Attract

Habakkuk teaches us how to have joy and sorrow at the same time by comparing Exile to Exodus.


Idle Idols

Habakkuk teaches us about the idolatry in every culture

Have Patience

God teaches us that patience is a virtue, a venue, and a value.

Nothing but Trouble

We learn from Habakkuk how to be honest with God in our asking and in His answering.

The Goat

The resurrection of Jesus teaches us how to Live Sent.

Cup Song

Jesus’ prayer teaches us about eternal living.

Through the Grapevine

Jesus teaches us about the Vine and Branches to show us how we change.

There is Only One Way

Jesus clearly define himself as the path to eternal life.

Lazarus Lessons — Do I Really Believe?

Learn how, through the parallel of Lazarus, Jesus is faithful in the midst of our trials.

A Good Provider

Jesus teaches about our need for Him like our bodies need water.

Values of the Father

Romans 5:6-11 teaches us about the values of our Heavenly Father!

I AM Teacher and Lord

Did you know that Jesus told his followers to wash each other’s feet? While that may seem weird to us, there is incredible meaning to what Jesus said. He was telling his disciples (and us) to love one another, and to live in radical humility. This is only possible when we draw from the source of love and humility itself — Jesus Christ, the crucified and risen Lord.

A Good Temptation

Jesus teaches us that He is The Good Shepard.

The DNA of a Movement

Jesus shows us how the Kingdom should be part of our everyday lives.

The Stones

Jesus teaches that humans have conviction without condemnation.

Mary Moms

Mary’s life teaches us how womanhood and motherhood can glorify God.

Everybody’s Doing It

The woman at the well and Jesus feeding thousands of people teach us about satisfaction.

Breaking all the Rules

Jesus breaks barriers for the sake of the Gospel

Stranger Things

The Scriptures teach us how to live as strangers in the world

Nic at Night

John teaches us that the Gospel is the only antidote to quench our thirst

Good Reason

We learn in John 1 that Jesus is the Reason for life.

The Leader Ladder

Jacob’s life is a reminder of the resurrection.



Jacob’s life teaches us that rather than being hindered by our past, we can be driven by it.

Sister Act

Jacob teaches us that human love will never replace eternal love.

Bless Your Heart

We learn that God’s plan includes our imperfections


Justice League

Justice teaches us about our need for everyday heroes.

Star Wars

Star Wars teaches us that there’s an ultimate battle of good and evil coming, where God wins.


The story of Joseph through the eyes of Ferdinand the Bull teaches us that standing out has a price.

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama teaches us about where to look for real love.


Sticks and Stones

Personal means that we choose serving over observing…a lesson we learn from Moses on a mountain.

Top Choice

Spiritual Intimacy is strengthened in our lives as we take steps forward in our faith by choosing consistent patterns, proper motives, and a long-term perspective.

The Girdle Hurdle

Jesus gives us a next step to loving each other well

Like Sunlight on Road Salt

Jesus calls us to be salt and light to reach the world.


Gospel Identity

In this series we will look at the importance of taking next steps. In this message, Jesus teaches us about Gospel Identity.

Hope for 2018

Paul teaches us where our hope comes from.

Repeat the Sounding Joy

Christmas teaches us that Jesus brings us the ultimate joy.

The Advent Argument

Luke and Paul teach us the “why” behind Christmas.