Life on Purpose

Jesus teaches us how to live life on purpose.

Taking Care of Business

Jesus teaches us how to use work to bring God glory.

Do you want to carry the weight?

How do you mesh a generation that experiences change and uncertainty everywhere with a Savior who’s eternal sacrificial love always stays the same? “Do you want to carry the weight” is a sermon by Marc Shields as part of Family Ministries Sunday.

Values of the Father

Romans 5:6-11 teaches us about the values of our Heavenly Father!

Mary Moms

Mary’s life teaches us how womanhood and motherhood can glorify God.

Stranger Things

The Scriptures teach us how to live as strangers in the world

Hope for 2018

Paul teaches us where our hope comes from.

One Whale of an Easter

Jesus uses the Jonah narrative to teach us about the important of the resurrection.

Family Ministries Sunday

Hear from our Family Ministries Staff about the importance of investment in the church’s next generation.