The Promise of Easter

In this Easter message, we look at the end of the Gospel of Luke. We are reminded that Jesus’ death and resurrection has made a way for us to be forgiven and to receive the promise of the Father!

In Control

We try so hard to be in control. Deeply rooted in who we are is a desire to fix ourselves, protect ourselves, and ultimately save ourselves. We never have full control of our lives and though we like to pretend we can fix ourselves we end up being really bad at doing so. Today, we will look at 3 verses from the book of Luke that helps us recognize who is in control and how we should respond to it. It is by losing control that we can truly live.

The Sovereignty of Grace

God’s grace is an essential concept to understand if we wish to live freely under Christ’s love. In this message we learn how to experience our heavenly Father’s grace fully in an effort to become more like Jesus.