The Family in the Frame

Parenting points us from our imperfect families to relationship between Jesus and the Perfect Heavily Father.

Perfect Parent

If you have children, this is true of you — you want good relationships with them! Good news… the Bible can help. But more than that, it can remind us what our primary job as Christian parents is — to point our kids towards Jesus.

The Perfect Parent

In this message, we study Ephesians 6 and learn how we can become better parents by imitating the only perfect parent.

JA Love like His

We all want happy, healthy families. Thankfully, the Bible has a lot to say about family relationships. In this message, we explore the way husbands should love their wives and the way that Jesus loves us.


Family Portrait

Its never going to be perfect

The Perfect Spouse

In this message, we study Ephesians 5 and are reminded that there is only one perfect spouse. We discuss what the Scriptures teach about marriage and how can develop habits to thrive in our own marriages.