All Things Will Be Made New

A Forgiven Focus

Forgiveness earned by Jesus gives us everlasting life with Jesus.

Church Signs

Both the Creed and the Bible teach us how God designed the church to impact the world.

The Communion of Saints


Finding life in the Ascension, Rule and Return of Jesus!

Team Spirit

God gives us the Holy Spirit to change and equip us.

The Holy Spirit

In this message, we study Romans 8. We will look at the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

The Holy Spirit


Finding life in the Ascension, Rule and Return of Jesus!

One Holy Catholic Church

In this message, we study Acts 2. We discover both who the church is and what the church does.

Crucified, Died, and Rose Again


The resurrection of Jesus brings us ultimate hope.

Jesus, our Lord

There is a lot of confusion and contradiction when it comes to what Americans believe about Jesus. Most of us respect him, even revere him, but there is little agreement about his identity. In this message, we see the Bible teaching that Jesus is not just a great man, but the God of the Universe in human form.

Jesus Our Lord

In this message, we study the temptation of Christ in Luke 4. We learn that Jesus is our sinless Lord and Savior, and we are each invited to both trust Him and imitate Him.


Creator of Heaven and Earth

God Does

 In this message, we look at Genesis 1 and ask two questions: ” Why is there something rather than nothing?” and “How does God interact with His world?”  We discover that the eternal God created all, and that He is still active in blessing and speaking into the world.

God, the Father Almighty

I Believe

The Apostle’s Creed is earliest Christian statement of faith…the basics of what our Christian founders felt one had to believe to be a Disciple.

God Is

In this message, we ask ourselves how we would finish the sentence: “God is __________,”  We study Isaiah 40 and discover that God is both great and good.