International Friendships Inc.

IFI is a Christian community organization that works in partnership with universities and volunteers to promote friendship and hospitality for international students, scholars and family members. IFI links international students with American volunteers from local churches.

All of the opportunities require that you complete a new volunteer application unless otherwise noted.  If the activity requires you to have contact directly with students, we provide an informative one-time New Volunteer Orientation and cross-cultural training.  If no training is required, it is noted.

Volunteer Opportunities range from airport pick-up to helping with food for large events to forming long term relationships with students.

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Bridges International OSU

Opportunity to Host Potluck Dinner for Internationals
Bridges International focuses their efforts to reach international students and scholars at OSU. On of the ways they reach international students is a weekly potluck dinner that is offered on Fridays. This gives Bridges International the opportunity to serve students a free hot meal and share the gospel with them through Bible studies after dinner.

This would be a great way to engage the nations without leaving the country, or your city!  Bridges International is looking for small groups to sponsor one of these weekly potluck dinners.

How many people attend? Bridges International  anticipates the need to provide the main course and two side dishes to feed about 35 adults.

What type of food to bring? Please avoid uncooked vegetables, desserts, and cheesy foods.  Crock pot dishes work very well.  The main dish could be an “entree” type meat item such as stir-fry meat & vegetables; roast turkey, chicken, beef, or pork. Casseroles such as chicken, tuna, or beef & noodles; baked spaghetti and meatballs, lasagna, or other pasta dishes, etc…  Side dishes could be a starch (potatoes, rice, sweet potatoes, beans, etc), and a cooked vegetable dish (corn, green beans, broccoli, etc).  Dessert- please avoid sweet treats, fruit is always appreciated.  Bread is an easy additional item to bring.  Some sponsors have purchased prepared food such as City BBQ, Boston Market, or Kentucky Fried Chicken as an option.  Please bring serving utensils with you.

What to do while there? Anyone who comes to bring and serve food can join in the Bible study and discussion around the tables after dinner.  Along with bringing food they also have a very real need for 1-2 childcare helpers to engage with the elementary age children who attend while the adults have Bible study.

What is provided by Bridges International? Drinks, plates, napkins, tablecloths, plastic ware, etc,

Available Dates- Currently Friday nights for Winter-Spring 2015 are being scheduled.  Typically one night per month they devote to a social event or activity and the other nights they will have Bible studies and discussion.

Time:  Set-up from 6:45-7:00 PM. Dinner and Bible study goes from 7:00-9:00 PM.
Location:  2704 Defiance Drive (Buckeye Village Student Housing Recreation Hall).
Contact info:  Chris and Penelope Kauffman, 614-582-3179,

World Relief

World Relief Columbus has come alongside refugee families providing support and basic orientation through their first months of transition.  LifeGroups can get involved with helping Refugee families transition to life in the U.S. by collecting furniture / items for their apartments or helping with transportation needs during their first months in the country.

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