In November 2007, a team of 9 people from Life­point Church visited Peru for the first time.  We now partner with 3 other local Ohio churches in discipleship of the unreached and the unengaged in the Andes.

For more information contact Kristy, or call the church office.


When are the 2018 trips?

May 29 – June 19, 2018

Late Summer – TBD

What is the approximate cost?

The approximate cost of the trip is $2000.  If you are LifePoint Member, WOW will pay up to half of that cost.  Trip cost includes round trip airfare to Peru, housing, transportation and all food (with the exception of travel days).  Trip cost does not include passport fees, vaccinations or souvenirs.

What will we be doing in Peru?

Potential activities include:

• Widespread evangelism efforts (such as Jesus film showing, skits at village schools etc.) As well as 1-on-1 evangelism or prayer time with people you come into contact with

• Discipleship of believers in the villages.

• Recreational play time with village children (soccer and volleyball)

Where will we stay and what will we eat?

Housing: In the villages, the team stays in village residences or town office buildings.  Teams typically will sleep on the floor, in sleeping bags while in the mountains.  In Lima, teams stay in a beautiful hotel with private bath.

Food: In the villages, meals are prepared by the team using a portable stove unit. Foods you can expect are much like what is eaten in the USA. In Lima, there is a huge selection of restaurants to choose from, including many American chains (TGIF, Chiles, Starbucks)

How will we get around the city / villages?

In Lima, the team travels by taxi or by foot.  The villages in which LifePoint works are several hours from the city atop some of the most beautiful parts of the Andes Mountains.  Professional drivers are hired and the team will take vans or trucks up into the villages.

What else will we do?

You will have the opportunity to shop at local shops and markets, tour local museums / catacombs.