Back from the Dead

Nearing the end of his life, Jacob has one more tragic incident–the seeming loss of his beloved son, Joseph. In the end, Jacob receives Joseph “back from the dead” and discovers God was working triumph out of tragedy. In their story, we see a foreshadowing of the greatest story–when God the Father gave up his beloved Son Jesus to die for our sins, and then to raise Him to new life on the third day.

The Leader Ladder

Jacob’s life is a reminder of the resurrection.


Incredible Faith

Faith in the face of difficulty.

Loving God

In this message, we celebrate Easter and conclude our study of Jacob in Genesis 45. We discover that Jesus is alive and ruling, and we are invited to live in his presence and under his rule.


Jacob’s life teaches us that rather than being hindered by our past, we can be driven by it.

Family Reunion

God has told Jacob to return home. But to do so, he has to face his older brother…the same brother who threatened to kill him 20 years before. The night before their encounter, Jacob “wrestles” with God and receives his blessing. His story is a reminder to all of us that what we ultimately need in this life are God’s blessing, presence, and love.

Wrestling God

In this message, we continue looking at the life of Jacob. We discover that God often blesses us as we step out in faith and step into struggle.


God allows us to wrestle with Him in order to find our true identity.

The Bridge

Jacob has left home and everything familiar. But for the first time, he has an encounter with God. God becomes personal for Jacob, and He promises to bless him and be with him. It’s the same for you and for me—we need a personal encounter with God the Father through his Son, Jesus.

Sister Act

Jacob teaches us that human love will never replace eternal love.

Knowing God

What would make your life a good life? In this message, we continue our study of the life of Jacob in Genesis 28-30. We discover that a good life is ultimately found in knowing and loving God.


The Dream

God uses a dream to get a hold of the rebel heart of Jacob

Bless Your Heart

We learn that God’s plan includes our imperfections


Trusting God

Can you trust God? In this message, we begin our study of Jacob in Genesis 27. We discover that Isaac and Jacob both struggled to trust God, but God is faithful to fulfill his promises.

Sibiling Rivalry

 Jacob was not a perfect person. Not even close. His family was far from perfect. His decisions were far from perfect. And yet God chose to user him and to bless him. In this message, we see the first part of Jacob’s story, and encounter the truth that God uses imperfect people to accomplish his perfect plans.

Far From Perfect

God uses people who are far from perfect to accomplish His perfect plan!