3 Marks of a Gospel-Centered Person

Gospel-Centered people believe there is hope for the hopeless.

Where is the Kingdom?

In this message, we finish our four week study on the Kingdom of God.  We wrestle with the question, “Where is the Kingdom of God?  We discover that the Kingdom is both a present reality and something that we still look forward to with the return of Christ.

Buried Treasure

In this final message of Photoshopped, we discuss the value of the kingdom of God. What does it cost to be a Jesus-follower?

Spotting the Fake

Having an authentic view of the kingdom will allow you to easily spot a fake or photoshopped version.


His Law is Love

In this message, we continue our study of the Kingdom of God.  We discover that the law of God’s Kingdom is love…love of God Himself and love for others.

Humble Beginnings

The Bible says that God uses weak things to shame the strong and foolish things to shame the wise. In other words, he doesn’t think or always work the way we’d expect Him to. In this message, we look to the parables of Jesus to teach us about the humble beginnings of God’s Kingdom.

Ears to Hear

The message of the Kingdom, the Word of God, changes lives. But some don’t listen, don’t apply, or don’t persevere. Others truly hear and receive. In this message, we hear from Jesus on how people respond to the Word.

Lost in the Weeds

Jesus teaches us from the Parable of the Weeds that His Kingdom is a slow certainty. He is patient with us, calling us to Himself.

All the King’s Men

In this message, we study Jesus’ parable of the sower, found in Matthew 13.  We discover that not all who profess faith possess faith.  We look at how we can examine our lives to see if we are in Christ.

Four of a Kind

Jesus teaches us that Kingdom of God is the most real thing…that the condition of our souls determines the impact of our lives.

Christ The King

In this message, we are reminded that Jesus Christ is the rightful King over all.  We can’t fall for the fake…we must trust and live for Christ the King.

The Return of the King