Move Update – New Land, New Sign

Next Generations

As the people of God, we are called to pass on our faith to the Next Generations. In this message, we conclude our Move 3/2/1 series and our study of Jonah, and discuss the spiritual legacy we’ll leave behind.

Next Generations

God Teaches us through Jonah to care for the next generations.

Next Generations

In this message, we finish our Move series by studying Jonah 4. We see the contrast between God and Jonah’s attitude towards Nineveh and how that can shape our attitudes as well.

Here is the Link of Lindsay Andrews that Adam Mentions in today’s sermon: Lindsay Andrews

The Nations

God uses Jonah to reach the nations and to teach us to do the same.

The Nations

How does God view those who are relationally far away from Him? In this message, we see God’s heart for the nations and our responsibility to make disciples who will make disciples.

Good News for the Nations

In this message, we continue our Move series in Jonah 3. We discover that – just as Jonah was sent to Nineveh – we are sent to all with the message of Christ.

Check out the video link to watch Marc & Kelley Lyons MOVE testimony.

Move 3/2/1 – Neighbors

In this message, we look at the first of our three critical initiatives over the next 2 years. God has called us to take the gospel to our Neighbors.

Our Neighbors

The Story of Jonah teaches us that our Neighbors are a critical component of God’s activity in our lives.

Jonah’s Prayer

In this message, we study Jonah 2 together. We see Jonah’s prayer, and are reminded of the critical importance of serving our neighbors.

MOVE 3/2/1

Using the prophet Jonah’s life, we look at an overview of Lifepoint’s two-year vision.

Move 3/2/1 – Vision

In this message, we take a first look at Lifepoint’s vision for the next two years. We see God’s heart for our neighbors, the nations, and the next generations, and contrast that with the attitude of the Old Testament prophet Jonah.

In this message, we kick off our Move vision series by studying Jonah 1. We see Jonahs response to Gods Word and Gods response to Jonahs disobedience.