Desperate Housewives

God has given husbands and wives to each other as an example of His Gospel love for us.


Marriage Tips from the Unmarried Guy

Marriage is about me, right? About making me happy, fulfilled, and complete? In Ephesians 5, The Apostle Paul offers timeless words on marriage that challenge our culture’s current view, that remind us of its selfless and self-sacrificial nature, and tell us that ultimately our marriages should be a picture of God’s relationship to us.

The Parent Trap

One of the most powerful kinds of love is between parents and children. Paul teaches us that both parents and children do a part in making that relationship everything God wants it to be!

The Parenting Revolution

Jesus loved to tell stories to help us see how best to live.  In this message, we look at a story Jesus told in Luke 10:25-37 that shows us what love really looks like.  We then look at some practical ways that we can help our children become more like Christ would have them be.


Good Love

The Scriptures define for us what real love changes in and around us.


The Sexual Revolution

God’s love changes everything.  In this message, we are reminded that sex is a beautiful mystery to us…it seems to be the source of both great pleasure and great pain.  We look at 1 Corinthians 6 and are reminded that God has told us how we are to use our sexuality and, ultimately, that we can find our satisfaction in Him.