A Mother’s Love

Being a mom is hard!  In this message, we include some interviews to give some practical advice for how to navigate all the ups and downs of being a parent.  To conclude, we look at what the Gospel of Jesus Christ says specifically to the heart of a parent.



Comfort And Joy

Paul teaches us how to regain our joyful lives in world filled with adversity.

Joy On The Rocks

Joy. It’s hard to define, but we all want more of it in our lives. Our culture tells us it’s found in our circumstances and in the comfort they bring. God tells us it’s found through life spent with Him. The question is, Who will we believe?


A Rocky Relationship

God has given us marriage to reflect His glory to the world. He is first and anyone else is second.

Marriage Rocks

As we continue our Life series, we wrestle with the question: “What if God could save your marriage?” In this message, we discover that Joseph and Mary’s marriage almost ended due to a misunderstanding. We learn how to set a perimeter around our marriages in order to both protect and amplify the love and joy that each of our marriages begins with.



Life Rocks

We learn that God revealed that He had Easter on His heart for us thousands of years before Jesus rose on the Third Day.

Life Rocks

Sometimes things seem hopeless.  Whether it’s something from your past or anticipation of something in your future, we all face pain, regret, worry or fear that can seem beyond repair.  In this Easter message, we look at Ezekiel 37.  We encounter God’s message of hope to a group of people who had given up hope…and we’re reminded that we are invited to root our hope in God’s desire and ability to save.