Lead and Deliver Us

In this message, we wrap up our study on the Lord’s prayer. We discover that we need God to both lead us and deliver us, and that He does that through His Son, Jesus.

We do apologize for a minor audio issue from 1:42-2:04.

Claim It

As we finish  out our series on The Lords Prayer, we will focus on the protection that God provides. We will look at our main sources of temptation and how to approach those from a place of victory.

Karma Chameleon

We learn from Jesus the ultimate forgiveness lesson…forgiveness is a you-thing.


Given and Forgiven

Jesus invites us to bring our requests to God in prayer, but to understand how to ask for our daily bread we must see our true need. Only when we do will be able to forgive those who sin against us.


Bread, Debts, and Next Steps

As we continue our study of the Lord’s prayer, we come to two additional petitions: give us our daily bread, and forgive us our sins as we forgive others. With these words, Jesus invites to trust God for basic necessities and commands us to forgive as we’ve been forgiven.


We learn from Jesus not to buy into the Everything/Anything lie.

Thy Kingdom Come

Due to technical difficulties, the first few minutes of this audio are missing. To introduce the message, we discussed the reality that prayer is an acquired taste…Thus, we need to engage it as a habit so that we can learn to appreciate it and grow in it…so that we can “acquire the taste” for it.

In this message, we continue our study of the Lord’s prayer.  We discover that we are to seek and ask God for His kingdom to come and His will be done.

Thy Kingdom Come

Jesus tells us to pray for His Kingdom to come and His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven. But what is God’s will? What does it look like for Kingdom to come? And why does Jesus tell us to pray for this? In this message, we continue our study of the Lord’s Prayer.

Thy Kingdom Come


Our Father

Intimacy with God is a gift purchased by Christ. We are instructed by Jesus to begin our prayers by addressing Him as our Father.

Our Father

How do you see God in relation to yourself? How do you see yourself in relation to God? If you’ve trusted Jesus with your life, Jesus taught that God is your Father and you are His Son or Daughter. That changes the way we pray.

Teach Us to Pray

Jesus’ disciples once said to him, “teach us to pray.” In response, Jesus not only gave them the “Lord’s Prayer,” but timeless principles about prayer itself. In this message, we look at Jesus’ words on the secrecy and sincerity of prayer.

Father Time

If Christians should be experts at anything, it should be in talking to God. Today, we look at the beginning of the Lord’s Prayer.

Why We Pray

In this message, we study Matthew 6:1-8.  We discover that our motivation for prayer matters.  We are challenged to develop a habit of prayer that is rooted in Scripture.