Chris Winesette

Production Director
Lewis Center

Chris has lived in Westerville most of his life.  He has 3 amazing kids: Emylie, Madison, and Ethan.  Growing up in a local church he became involved on the production team and realized he had a passion for creating experiences that point people to Jesus. Out of high school Chris jumped into full-time ministry within a few years. He was a youth pastor at the church he grew up in and also led an internship program called Masters Commission.  During this season, Chris wrote dramas that he would take on the road with his team speaking in youth groups throughout the US.  Eventually, he left the full-time pastoral ministry to return to his true passion, live production.  Chris served locally in his church on the production team while working as a Production Manager for a local corporate event company.  In 2021, Chris felt the calling to return to ministry full-time and joined the team at Lifepoint, "Doing corporate events has its purposes, but I missed doing events that have a bigger meaning."  Chris loves the creative process of designing services that point people to Jesus and allow them to connect with their creator, "I'm surrounded by amazing people that have the same desires."

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Favorite Sports Teams

Go sports team!

Dream Travel Destination

Any secluded beach with nothing on the schedule

What I'm Listening To

Maverick City, Hillsong Young & Free, and the Belonging Co

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Inception & Tenet

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I'm more of a Youtube guy

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Greek food and lasagna (not at the same time)

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Killer Teams