Breena Holt

Administrative Assistant
Lewis Center

Breena joined the Lifepoint staff in the summer of 2022. She and her husband, Andy both grew up in Toledo, Ohio where they met, married and have lived in the Columbus area for most of their married lives. Together they have 4 children. Cyrus, Eisley, Ezekiel (now with Jesus) and Bexley.

Breena met Jesus at a very young age and has vivid memories of praying to Jesus, believing that each of the beds in her house had their own, personal Jesus hovering over each of her family members at night to pray to. The Jesus she pictured was made of flannel-graph, of course! Eventually, as she grew, so did her faith and love of Jesus.

Breena and Andy were so blessed with their 4 children but eventually realized their 3rd child, Ezekiel who they call Zekey, would suffer at the age of 2.5 years to 4.5 years due to the effects of Batten disease, a rare and neurological disease without a cure. In this time, Andy and Breena found themselves clinging to the Hope of Jesus like they had never had to before. Zeke met Jesus in March of 2014. They miss him greatly but they know where Zekey is, now healed and in the presence of Jesus, and that they will all be together again someday. The Holt family continues to share the Hope of Jesus every chance they get. 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Breena has a passion for walking alongside women to grow in a deeper relationship to Jesus through discipleship relationships. She loves encouraging others in love of studying God’s Word and to remind them that God, through The Holy Spirit is actively working in their lives, desiring for all to grow to be more like Jesus and to share this amazing Hope we have with the world.

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Favorite Sports Teams

The Ohio State Buckeyes

Dream Travel Destination

Europe, Rome

What I'm Listening To

Heaven Bound and Jesus Freak by DC Talk, Old Hymns by current artists (ie Carrie Underwood), CAIN, Needtobreathe, Josh Garrels

Favorite Flix

The Chosen, Miss Scarlet- British detective shows from the early 1800's, Nate Bargatze comedy

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Favorite Eats

Tex Mex, Indian (but I cannot handle any spice!)

What I'm Reading

Live No Lies by John Mark Comer, Rhythms of Renewal by Rebecca Lyons