Standard Serving Schedule
Because of the size of the “standard schedule” and it’s tendency to change frequently, it is now maintained in a more fluid spreadsheet format on Google Drive.

This is also the schedule that should be referenced when attempting to contact teachers for possible rotation changes. Reminders for the upcoming Sunday rotation will be sent each week between Wednesday and Friday and will reflect any changes that have been made.

Substitute Process
Whether it be vacation, work, or illnesses, we all have schedule conflicts that come up from time to time. All we ask is that you follow the guidelines below for finding a substitute/making a switch. Keep in mind we have over 200 people serving, so please take personal ownership in finding coverage for your rotation.

  • Please do everything in your power to make/request schedule changes prior to the Wednesday of the week you are scheduled to serve
  • Switches can be made within the following groups: Babies/Toddlers (0–2), Preschool (3–5 yr olds), School Age (K-4th), Security, Checkin, etc.
  • Please refrain from switching across groups (i.e. Babies for School Age)
  • To find a sub,follow the steps in the guide found at the link below
MAR 30, 20142nd & 4th Week Servers
JUN 29, 20141st & 3rd Week Servers
AUG 31, 20142nd & 4th Week Servers
NOV 30, 20141st & 3rd Week Servers