Meet Deana Wolf

Connections Director, Mount Vernon Campus

Deana was raised in central Illinois in a Christian family. While in middle school, her family moved to a different church where she met a farm boy named Bryan Wolf. It was not “love at first sight”. She and Bryan began dating in high school so that their respective best friends could date. (What a reason!) The best friends broke up, and they continued dating through their college years at the University of Illinois. Deana worked as a chemist in a small environmental laboratory while Bryan finished his Master’s degree. They moved to Columbus and began their time in the great Buckeye state.
The first four of their six children were born in Columbus – Hannah, Molly, Samuel, and Lilly Beth. They were then lead to the international mission field, where they served the Lord in Chile, South America for 12+ years. The last two of their children were born while serving in Chile – Sophia and Annalia.
Since Deana is a homeschooling mom to six children, she has no spare time due to managing kids’ schedules. She now has to color her hair to hide the gray so as not to appear to be her younger children’s grandmother.