How do I prepare?

Click here for more info on the video and to download instruction on how to prepare your video script.

What should I wear?

What you wear is totally up to you, but here are a few thing you may want to keep in mind.  First, you might want to think about wearing something more classic in style.  Trendy clothes are great, but since you’ll be able to look back on this video forever, you may want to think about wearing something more classic in nature.  Second, think about modesty, most often the videos are shot from the the chest up, but we recommend choosing blouses or shirts with a higher neck line.  Third, while we can often change the video background to adapt to your clothing color and style, solid colors are the safest choice.

Can I have a copy of my video?

We don’t offer cd’s or dvd’s of the videos but you can download your own copy of any of our videos from our Vimeo page. Find the Vimeo link corresponding to your campus at the bottom of the website.

When can I see my video?

Your video will be confidential until the day of your baptism.  You will be able to see the video on the day of your baptism and it will be available on our website and on the LifePoint Vimeo page(s) following your baptism.

Do I have to memorize my script?

Ultimately, the script is a guide.  We feel like thinking through your message in advance helps you find the right words and stories to make your video be as good as possible. These videos are most useful if the message comes from your heart so it does not need to be memorized, but we do recommend being familiar with the points you want to make.  You will be coached through the filming process with one of our trained media volunteers who will make sure everyone gets what they want and need out of your story.

How long will the process take?

You will be booked for an hours worth of filming time.  How fast or slow the process goes depends on how familiar you are with your script.  On average, the process takes 10 to 30 minutes.

Do I come alone?

Our filing room is small, but you may bring whoever you like.  Occasionally, people are nervous during the filming process, so before inviting others, be aware of if they are going to be helpful or distracting to your filming process.

When / where will the video be played?

Your Going Public video will be played at church during the gathering you are baptized in.  Following the day of your baptism your videos will be available to view at and available to view or download on the LifePoint Vimeo page.