What Shane Is Listening To:

Kings Kaleidoscope: Beyond Control

“Glorious” was the first album that I was exposed to by KK.  HUGE appreciation for any artist today that does not sound like everyone else.  At this time in history creating new sounds and new “style” in music is super impressive.  I so love the collaboration of faith and creativity.

Switchfoot: Where The Light Shines Through

I’ve been a long time Switchfoot fan. I’ve may have more than 10 of their albums.  Gotta hand it to guys who have consistently been good for more than a generation.  Again, major respect for their ability to stay creative and for sticking to their faith. Switchfoot is one of just a few bands that straddles christian and secular lines.

Bethel Music: Without Words: Synesthesia

Seems that the older I get the less I’m able to focus at work while busier music is playing.  This is a great balance of interesting and quiet to keep me creative.

Radiohead: A Moon Shaped Pool

Just never gets old

Mutemath: Vitals

Great blend of acoustic and electronic sounds.  When this band started I hated them but they have won me over with their quality and musicianship.

Sleeping At Last: Many Beautiful Things

I’m becoming more and more of an ambient head. Sleeping at Last  is quite possibly one of the best musicians at putting emotion into music.  When you read a title to one of their songs you think its an ambiguous artsy title but then you hear the songs really making sense with the titles. I found this guy about 5 years and have since bought every album.

Young Oceans: Voices Vol. 1

Great soundscapes. Found this band this year and have several of their albums now.  Great concentration music.

Phil Wickham: Singalong 3

Just feel good acoustic worship songs. Great to sing along to.  Nice to hear a real acoustic guitar musician… seems like everyone “plays” acoustic guitar today.

Citizens & Saints: A Mirror Dimly

This album gets me excited about the music that is coming out of the local church today.  This is possibly my vote for BEST WORSHIP ALBUM OF 2016.

What Jon Is Listening To:

My Epic: Viscera

My Epic is known as a post-hardcore indie band in the music industry. They are recognized for preaching the gospel unapologetically through their recorded songs as well as candidly at their live shows. Viscera is packed full of songs that confront the depravity of humanity, yet are always sure to end with a “But God” gospel sentiment. If you are looking for an album that is tastefully hard hitting, yet the lyrics are still understandable, and you are looking to be challenged in your faith, then this album is a great fit.

Thrice: To Be Everywhere Is To Be Nowhere

Thrice is a rock band that packs a punch. Thrice is headed up by lead singer/songwriter Dustin Kensrue. Kensrue, who is a former worship pastor of the late Mars Hill, on this particular album, writes about everything from his journey with God, to politics and the state of the human heart, to an outright cry for God’s people to wake up. This album is a great album to listen to while working out or running. This album will definitely get the adrenaline pumping.

What Josh Is Listening To:

Bryan & Katie Torwalt: Champion

Over the last few years, Jesus Culture worship leaders – Bryan & Katie Torwalt, have made a name for themselves in the worship music community. Their latest album, Champion, conveys the message of Jesus’s victory and sovereignty in the midst of hardships while reminding the worshiper to hold onto the promises of God in their lives.

Vertical Church Band: Frontiers

Vertical Church Band’s frontman and worship leader, Andi Rozier says, “We’re trying to give our church as much theology as they can put in their mouths through these new songs.” This fresh new album from Chicagoland’s Harvest Bible Chapel’s worship team does just that. With it’s singable melodies, warm tones, solid theology and powerful lyrics – this album is a great choice for any believer.

Hillsong United: Of Dirt and Grace

This scaled back revision of the 2015 Album, Empires, is truly inspired. Recorded in the Promise Land in many of the locations that Jesus Himself spent time at, this album connects our hearts with the songs we love to the stories of Christ we cherish. A truly intimate worship album.  

Alabama Shakes: Sound & Color

This upcoming band has successfully and brilliantly connected black southern soul and white rock & roll. This vintage album’s sounds can connect with the hearts of the young and old. An album for slow drives and relaxing evenings. 

Citizens & Saints: A Mirror Dimly

This brand new album’s theme is centered around the struggle of doubt and faith. The band’s frontman, Zach Bolen, said, “Faith and doubt aren’t exclusive to Christian belief, but relative to the nature of the human heart. To doubt God is evidence of that nature, and doubt in one thing often prompts the belief in another… To believe in God is evidence of a power at work that goes beyond the bounds of human nature.” With it’s solid theology and unique sounds, this album is sure to spice up your perspectives and experiences in worship.