This Summer At-A-Glance (Part 1)

We are so incredibly thankful for a Summer full of sending! We invite you to join us as we praise the Lord for what He has done and is doing in many of our partnering countries and ministries.  Over the next 3 weeks, you’ll find a snapshot of how you can remain in prayer for these ministries from each team leader.  Maybe you will pray about joining one of these teams in the future!



  • After a few years of working in a tiny village named Llacllin, the local church – led by their pastor, Alejandro – is taking steps toward caring after the “least-of-these” in their community. One of those “least-of-these”, Bertha, is a middle-aged woman who has suffered from a brain tumor – leaving her blind, unable to walk, and alone in a corner of her son’s home. In their culture, such a disastrous malady spells a scarlet letter: …’certainly, the spirits and gods are against this person.’ Alejandro bravely and compassionately overcame these stigmas to show the love of Christ and commit his church to her! Praise God for these first steps of leadership, but pray that he continues the journey of serving rather than being served – Matthew 25:40
  • Our initial inter-church leadership meeting between local Peruvian church leaders was a great success in June; They asked for a second meeting even though it took hours of driving and waiting to assemble everyone in one room! As we move into a second set of leadership meetings, pray that their first experience of Biblical Communion last June would become a pattern on this trip. Pray that Communion would not just be a checkbox but a state-of-mind and state-of-soul.
    • John 13:3-5, 12-14
    • Mark 14:22-24
  • Much of our strategy for the November trip will surround learning a story set of applicable scriptures that address Church and pastoral needs across the various villages. Many of those needs center on encouragement: the churches are isolated, small, and under social persecution by their communities. Pray that:
    • Our team members embrace learning and teaching scriptures in an oral format
    • Our team members would be encouraged that they indeed are the feet the bear Good News! (Isaiah 52:7)
    • We will all trust God’s promise of scripture (Isaiah 55:11)
    • Our Peruvian brothers and sisters would indeed be built up and encouraged by the Words we bring!




  • Praise the Lord that He is a good Father who is pursues His children. As the team was prayer walking around the area that Fuente de Vida is located, God brought them to Jorge, an older single man that was sitting on the corner about a block or two from the church.  He was discouraged that his family and friends had left him…he had no one to lean on.  God used the team to encourage and point him towards Christ. The team was able to share that in light of human nature, where we all fall short, sin and fail others; that God will never leave us or forsake us. Praise for how God opened the door and the team wrapped their arms around him, prayer for Jorge that he finds companionship in Christ!
  • The body of Christ is growing! Noelia, a young lady the team visited one morning, made the decision to follow Christ.
  • Pray that Fuente de Vida is used continuously to share God’s love in Coquimbo, La Serena and Hurtado and that people come running from their sin to Him for salvation. 
  • Pray that the Body of Christ is renewed and given strength in Him to persevere and shine God’s light through generational sin and other non-Christian religious beliefs.
  • Pray that new believers in Christ can break through family strongholds to represent Christ in their family and community.