Music Recommendations

Music Recommendations from the W&A Team

Just about every Sunday people ask us about the songs we sing.  “Are they original?” “Are they songs you’ve rewritten?” Where can I buy these songs?” “Who is the original artist?” “Could you make some music recommendations for my family?” Well… there are several answers to those questions, LifePoint does do original music on Sundays but it kind of ebbs and flows.  We go through stages where we are writing a ton and people on the worship team get together to share songs and melodies, etc… and sometimes new songs come out of that and sometimes they don’t but we do try to keep the creative process alive. Also, as the staff tries to prepare for upcoming series, we are always on the lookout to write a new song that can capture what we think God wants to do in that specific series (much like For A World Wide Revival that we did for the Wide Open World series).

If you want to know what songs we are performing each week, be sure to follow us on social media.  If you “like” our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter, this will put our setlist on your social media feed every week (see social media links for your campus at the bottom of our website).

If you are just looking for some new music recommendations and some songs that we sing at church, here is just some of what is currently inspiring us. (see the description for download links)

No_Other_Name Hillsong Worship – “No Other Name”

This is just the latest album they have released. We love all things Hillsong or Hillsong United or Hillsong Young & Free.  You can’t go wrong with any of their albums. You currently hear songs from this album at LifePoint. Find them on iTunes here.

Kings-Kleidoscope-Becoming-Who-We-Are Kings Kaleidoscope –“Becoming Who We Are”

This is a little less traditional but we love that.  Super creative use of electronic noises and horns. Don’t know anyone else who merges sounds like this and the truth in this album is contagious. Find them on iTunes here

Citizens Join The Triumph Citizens & Saints – “Join The Triumph”

We’re loving this band right now. This album as well as their previous album. Raw vocals with singable lyrics.  Again, this album is full of truth. You’re going to hear songs from this album in the future at LifePoint.  Find them on iTunes here

Vertical-Church-Church-Songs Vertical Church – Church Songs

Always fun to see other churches making an impact in the world from right where they sit. As of today, this album has been on a nonstop loop for a couple of weeks.  Super singable and a great album if you want to have something playing in the background at home while your family is hanging out together. Find them on iTunes here.

Young-Oceans-I-Must-Find-You Young Oceans – I Must Find You

This one is more on the creative / eclectic side of listening.  Beautiful composition and sound.  Find them on iTunes here

Urban Rescud Wildfire Urban Rescue – Wildfire

High Energy and introspective.  Prayerful music.  Find them on iTunes here