MOVE Family Devo – Week 3

april 23

Big Idea for this week:

As we abide with Jesus and join Him in His work, we will feel joyful generosity.

Questions to move your heart towards God:

1. What are some things that make you really happy or excited?

2. What do you think of when you hear the word “Joy”?

History Lesson from Bible:

Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-15 together as a family.

Make it Real:

To make it real for the kids, it always helps to tell stories. Children love to hear stories about their parents’ past. Tell your

children a story about a time when you gave a gift to someone. Maybe a time when you served a neighbor to help them (gift of

time) or made a meal for someone who was sick (gift of material things) or maybe when you gave somebody hope by praying

for them, etc. If you can remember a time when you gave something as a child, that would be a great option as well. Tell the

kids how you felt afterward. Explain the joy of giving, serving, and helping others by giving what you have.

Reinforce Big Idea: As we abide with Jesus and join Him in His work, we will feel joyful generosity.

Family Fun to Wrap up

Wrap an empty box as a present with pretty wrapping paper and bow. Consider putting some tissue paper inside so that it

won’t feel completely empty. Ask your child to guess what might be inside the box. Tell them it’s really heavy. Demonstrate by

straining to pick it up off the floor. Let them try to pick it up off of the floor. Encourage them to pretend that it is really heavy.

Next, tell them that the present is really light. Demonstrate by picking the box up easily and tossing it in the air. Ask if they

think it is light. Next, tell your child the present is fragile. It will break unless we take really good care of it. Demonstrate by

picking up the box very carefully and cradling it in your arms. Last, have them put the gift in a closet or in another room and

then come back to where you are.

After your child had an opportunity to hold the present and acted out the ways to handle the gift, ask them if they were excited

when they saw that there was a present. Ask them if they were a little sad when they realized they weren’t going to open the

present. Tell them God has given gifts to each of us. He has given us families and food and homes and friends and our church.

And just as God has given to us, He wants us to give to others. We honor God when we give joyfully. It’s hard to give to others

sometimes, but God wants us to give joyfully to others because God has given joyfully to us.

Reinforce Big Idea: As we abide with Jesus and join Him in His work, we will feel joyful generosity.

Finish with family prayer: (see suggestion below)

God, sometimes all we ask for are things we want. Lord, we know that our family has a lot. Help us to be a family that prays for

ways that we can give to help others instead of always praying for more to have. We know that when we give we get a chance to

act like you, Jesus, because you gave your whole life for us. Help us to be good givers like you. In Jesus’ name, Amen.