MOVE Family Devo – Week 2

april 9

Big Idea for this week:

Following Jesus means abiding in Him.

Questions to move your heart towards God:

1. What are things that help us stay connected as a family?

2. What things help us stay connected to Jesus?

History Lesson from Bible:

Read Matthew 6:1, 5-13 together as a family.

If you have younger children (6 or under), you can use the “Jesus Storybook Bible” and read “How to Pray” on page 222.

Make it Real:

To make it real for the kids it always helps to tell stories. Children love to hear stories about their parents’ past. Think through

a time when you were really connected with the Lord. Tell your kids about some of the ways you experienced God’s closeness.

If you can remember a time when you were young, that would work great as well. Remind them that reading God’s word, prayer,

and asking God for help to obey him are very important ways to abide and stay connected to Jesus.

Reinforce Big Idea: Following Jesus means abiding in Him.

Family Fun to Wrap up

Grab a handkerchief, towel, or shirt to blindfold your child. Once they are blindfolded, spin them around and grab their hand.

Lead them through as many obstacles and hard places as you can and even go outside if that’s an option. Lead them and then

let them also try to lead you while they are still blindfolded. Try to make it hard for them to stay connected to you.

Say: “When we abide in Jesus that means we must remain connected to Him in all that we do. Just like in this game in which

you had to hold onto our hands the whole time, Jesus wants us to stay connected to Him all the time. To stay connected to

Jesus we have to read His Word, pray, and obey.”

Reinforce Big Idea: Following Jesus means abiding in Him.

Finish with family prayer: (see suggestion below)

God, thank you for giving us mouths so we can speak to you when we pray. Thank you, Jesus, for giving us hands so we can

help others and serve like you. Thank you, Holy Spirit, for inspiring your Word, the Bible, so we can know about you. Lord, we

want our family to stay connected and to abide in you always. Help us grow closer and trust in you more today and every day.

In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.