MOVE Family Devo – Week 1

april 2

Big Idea for this week:

Jesus is at work and is calling us to follow Him in that work.

Questions to move your heart towards God:

1. Have you ever helped someone in need? What did you do?

2. Do you always trust people when they tell you something? Who can you trust?

History Lesson from Bible:

Read Luke 9:10-27 together as a family.

If you have younger children (6 or under), you can use the Jesus storybook bible and read “Filled Full” on page 244.

Make it Real:

To make it real for the kids, it always helps to tell stories. Children love to hear stories about their parents’ past. Think through

a time when the Lord provided for you in a way you didn’t expect. If you can remember a time when you were their age, that

is great as well. Explain how we can trust in the Lord to provide all our needs. Share about how God often uses his people to

provide for others’ needs, like when he used the disciples to pass out food to the people. Ask if they can think of a way that they

might be able to help someone in need because of the material or personal gifts with which God has blessed them.

Reinforce Big Idea: Jesus is at work and is calling us to follow Him in that work.

Family Fun to Wrap up

Hide an object somewhere in the house (it can be anything at all). Tell your kids, “We’re going to play a fun game during our

family devotion time.” Tell them they must find the object that you’ve hidden. Don’t tell them what or where it is, but give them

a few hints so that they have an idea. If they struggle, give them more and more hints until they find it. Encourage them to ask

you lots of questions as they go.

Say: “To complete the activity, you had to believe me didn’t you? You had to listen to what I said. You couldn’t find what you

were looking for until you knew what it was! The same is true in our relationship with God. As we seek to do what God calls us

to do, we must listen to Him. We have to believe that what He says is true.”

Reinforce Big Idea: Jesus is at work and is calling us to follow Him in that work.

Finish with family prayer: (see suggestion below)

God, you are amazing. It’s so obvious how much you love your people. Look at all the ways you provide for our family. You’ve

given us a great home, food, clothes, warm beds, a car, and so much more. Thank you for blessing us. Lord, since we have

so much, we want to use the things we have to bless others. Help us, dear Jesus, to serve people. People like our friends,

neighbors, family, or even someone we don’t know, but who is in need. We want our family to be used by you to do your work.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.