Christmas Devotionals – 12/22

By Bryan Broyles
Luke 2:1-7

Many times we speak of God’s sovereignty. We use this word sovereign often but how often do we live our lives as if we truly believe this?  What would be the difference in your life if it was lived with an unwavering belief in God’s sovereignty?  That God is in control and will accomplish his will?  Scripture describes God as creator, being above all others…that’s sovereignty.  We see evidence of God’s sovereignty all throughout scripture, his hands on involvement in the lives of people and the rise and fall of governments and nations.
Consider what we read in Luke chapter 2.  The most powerful man in the world at that time, Caesar Augustus, Emperor of Rome, issued a decree demanding that everyone travel to their hometown for a census (likely to be used as a registration for taxing purposes).  We see God’s sovereign providence working through Augustus and his decree to move Mary and Joseph out of Nazareth and down to Bethlehem to fulfill the prophecy of Micah (Micah 5:2). The sovereign decree and plan of God was here being minutely worked out in history with the most unique set of historical circumstances being brought together, to bring God’s own Son into the world according to prophecy and to set events into motion to accomplish his plan for our salvation.
God has the capacity and the capability to accomplish his will in all things.  When we come to grips with that promise, we can find incredible comfort, no matter what he chooses to allow, even when it’s most difficult.  The God who loves you – loves you enough to send his Son to die in your place, to forgive your sins, to have a personal relationship with you – is in control.  He was on the throne yesterday, today, and will be tomorrow.  Submitting to this should help develop an unshakeable confidence to know that even when life is hard, God has guaranteed to work every detail for your good and his Glory.