Christmas Devotionals – 12/21

By Bruce Hull
Luke 1:67-80

Christmas. The mere word brings excitement and joy to people all over the world. Christmas invokes thoughts of family, love, good food, snow days, and memories of our childhood. Christmas is the time of year where we can enjoy giving gifts to loved ones or receive things that make us smile from ear to ear. With such a fast paced world and marketing to make you think of only yourself, sometimes we can forget the true meaning of what this special day truly resembles.
Pee Wee Herman defines the meaning of Christmas as the celebration of a little boy’s birthday, Jesus Christ of course. But it’s so much more than that. The birth of Christ was God’s solution to his only problem (if we may title it so). The issue was that if he is so absolutely perfect, then a sinner could never enter his holy presence, at least not without someone to redeem us. In Luke 1:67-80, we find a man who has been silenced for the entirety of his wife’s pregnancy for his disbelief in the angel Gabriel’s message. He has now placed his faith in God by naming the child John as God had commanded. Filled with the Holy Spirit, he begins to sing a song prophesying about the coming of Jesus. He sings that Jesus will redeem us, he will free us from our enemies, and that his son John will pave the way for the man bringing our salvation and the forgiveness of our sins.
You see, Christmas is not about simply celebrating a birthday. Christmas is about celebrating the fact that there truly is a God who loves us. A god who loves you so much he stepped down off his heavenly throne to die on the cross and conquer death in order to pay for your debt so that you could be made righteous and stand with God in heaven. Christmas is the story of God’s love and his incredible mercy on the undeserving. As we approach this season, remember that underserving mercy and grace we receive, thank God for it and pray that he uses you to show that love to someone else who you may feel is undeserving.  Or maybe this is the first you have heard of God’s love for you. Tell God you acknowledge that you’re a sinner, and that you need him in your life. Whoever you are, never forget that Christmas is the reminder that you have a Heavenly Father who wants nothing more than to love you, for your sins have been paid for through the blood of Jesus Christ.