Christmas Devotionals – 12/20

By Marc Lyons
Luke 1:57-66

When Mary went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, the Bible says Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit and proclaimed that Mary was blessed because she believed God would be faithful and true to His word. What a warm welcome! Mary’s immediate response was to worship God. She began pouring out praises to the Lord, extolling Him then and there in thankful remembrance, humbly and rightly acknowledging His mercy and might.
A lot of Mary’s hymn is quoted Scripture (check out Hannah’s song of praise in 1 Samuel 2:1-10!). This young girl, who had just made her first road trip as a teen mom, had hidden God’s Word deep into her heart. She believed, absorbed, meditated on, pondered, and rehearsed it. And now her answer to God’s words of blessing was to say back to Him what had already been said about Him long before!
Our only right response to God’s favor is to worship Him with our whole hearts. And anyone who has called on Jesus’ Name and received His life and forgiveness has been blessed by the gift of the Holy Spirit! Sometimes we need to take steps back and remember, like Mary did, who God is and what He’s done, and respond by showering Him with thankful praise. There’s always reason to glorify His Name!
So, what’s keeping us from magnifying and exalting the Lord? Is it certain ideas or expectations of what worship is? Is it a wrong definition? Is it misplaced attention or perspective? Worship isn’t just singing (Romans 12:1), but it does include praising. Try praising Him in a setting other than a Sunday service. Pray aloud or sing Scripture back to Him. It’s powerful – His Word is living and active (Hebrews 4:12)! He delights in our worship of Him, and He doesn’t need a crowd around us to receive our praise!