Christmas Devotionals – 12/08

By Nathan Shireman
Isaiah 52:13-53:12
If you would ask me to refer to one of the most difficult passages of scripture, I would point you to this passage in Isaiah. As a Christian, it’s difficult for me to come face to face with what I put Jesus through. Words like “beaten”, “slaughtered”, “marred”, “disfigured”, these are words that typically you find in a horror movie or documentary on a gruesome war, not words for our King, our Friend, our Saviour.  Yet there they are, and there He hung, on a cross, bleeding, dying, and taking on the weight of our sin,  with so much love for the very people who put him there.  My mind and heart cannot truly comprehend this act of obedience, this act of pure love.
We want Christmas to be magical, full of good tidings, beautiful sights and sounds, and the smells of warm cookies baking and freshly cut trees.  And while this imagery is all amazingly great to have at the forefront of our minds, let us not forget that with every beginning there is a middle, and an end.  And what happened beyond that first Christmas day may not be easy to think about, but we need to remember it, because what it reminds us of is how deep the love of our Father is, and the true might of our King, as we know He conquered death and dealt the crushing blow to sin. There is no greater gift that you could ever receive, than the Gift that God gave on Calvary.