Christmas Devotionals – 12/02

By Buzz Kocher


John 1:9-14
What a mystery and a miracle all wrapped into one! The sovereign Creator of the universe takes on human flesh in complete humility and became like us. God in the flesh. Fully man, fully God. He comes to bring light to the darkness. The darkness of this world is shown light. The true Light comes to a sinful world to save the world from their sin, but they rejected Him. God’s chosen people rejected Him. He didn’t fit their idea of a Messiah. They thought the Messiah would be someone with political and/or militant power to overthrow the Roman government, giving them liberty once and for all.
Many of Jesus’ contemporary Jews were part of the problem too. We see their selfishness and how they thought the Messiah came just for them and for their sake; yet Christ came for all. The incarnation separates Christianity from the rest of the world’s religions. God himself came and dwelt among us so that we could have rebirth (v.13). He came to rescue us from our separation from Himself. The most controversial man whoever lived, died on our behalf and took the wrath that we deserve,  giving us freedom.
The Roman empire was seen as an unstoppable force 2,000 years ago. Its area covered most of the Mediterranean Sea. Ultimately the empire failed and in the midst of this worldly power a movement called Christianity was started, which centered around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. When He left He had a few followers, but Christianity spread throughout the Roman empire and all over the world. This happened not because of force or politics, but because those who followed Him were speaking truth and grace to others just as Jesus did when He was the light in a dark world.
Therefore, Jesus dwelling with us doesn’t finish the task that He had for us. The challenge today is to ask God to bring folks into our lives who need to hear the message of grace and truth.