Christmas Devotionals – 11/30

By Zach Shoro
Genesis 1:26-31
Could you imagine what it would be like to portray the image of God as it was intended without the perversion of sin in our lives? It is a beautiful image in the opening chapter of the Bible that places humanity in the middle of the story of God’s good creation. And yet, we know all too well the stain that sin has caused on our lives and we are hopeless to be able to fix the image that has been shattered by our rebellion from God. The season of Advent is a season that rejoices in the fact that Jesus became human and, by becoming one of us, he healed the broken pieces and made it possible for us, as broken images, to be brought into union with God again. But Advent is not just a season of remembrance; it is a season of longing and expectation. We long for the day of Jesus’ second coming, when God restores our image in its entirety. There will be a day when Jesus not only forgives our sin but abolishes sin in our lives altogether. So this Advent season, rejoice that we have a God that has come to us to restore the image that we have corrupted. Don’t forget to wait, in eager expectation, for Christ’s return and the full renewal of the image of God in our lives.