Christmas Devotionals – 11/29

By Marc Shields


John 1:1-5
This is the time of year when you start to get really busy. Places to go, people to see, gifts to purchase…. In the business of the season it’s real easy to miss what we should be focused on.
John 1: 1-5 should be our focus, it’s all about Jesus. It talks about how He was there in the planning stages with God the Father and with the Holy Spirit before the earth was even formed. It says that we were made by Him and for Him and so was everything else. John goes on to talk about Jesus being the author and source of life for you and I. When we start to grasp what these verses tell us the weight of what Christmas really means can start to sit on our hearts and minds.
Jesus really is the light of men and we who know Him as Lord and Savior have that very light (Matthew 5:14) inside of us. Christmas is about the day that “The word became flesh” so this is our time to shine. This is when we can proclaim “Merry Christmas” and the gospel as a part of what everyone is celebrating.
But in reality this is often the time when darkness tries to hide what we should be focused on at Christmas. We let the weight of the world sit on us and squash Christmas. We fill our time with finding the perfect gift for people, getting things ready for company, wrapping all the presents and so many other things. We end up forgetting Jesus on His Birthday. How do we keep this from happening this year?
Verse 5 says “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness has not overcome it.” Get the family together read these verses and talk about being light during Christmas this year. Brain storm ideas together of what putting Christ in your families Christmas would look like. Then pray and ask Jesus to help you make His birthday all that it should be.
Prayer: Lord, thank you for creating us and loving us like you do. Loving us so much that you would send Jesus for us. Lord, we need your help to be light this Christmas. Help us share the good news about what your birthday means for us and this whole world. Help us not get lost in the darkness of a huge Christmas to do list but help us be your light to a world blinded by sin. Jesus we love you. Help us be the light that you would want on your Birthday. It’s in your precious name we pray. Amen