What Does the Bible Say About Death Before Birth?

This is an incredibly painful topic: what does the bible say about children who die before they were born, whether because of an abortive decision or a miscarriage. What happens to that child?

While the Bible doesn’t say anything explicitly; it does say some things implicitly about children, and we can draw some conclusion based on a few passages. For example, in Psalm 22:10 the writer says to God, “did you not know me in my mother’s womb?” The question infers the idea that God knows a child while the child is in a mother’s womb. There are other passages in the Psalms that indicate God forms and puts a child together in the mother’s womb. Also, in Jesus’ own life, when Mary, while pregnant, visits her cousin Elizabeth, Elizabeth’s baby jumps when Mary enters the room. There is something going on there inside the context of God the Holy Spirit that is pre-birth.

Another example from Scripture comes from the life of King David. He and Bathsheba experience the death of their child before he is born. David indicates that even though he lost the child pre-birth, he will see his child again. He infers that the child is in Heaven, and David will see him again.

We see enough of an implicit trail in the scriptures to believe a theology that says children who die before birth have a relationship with God, God takes them to be with him, and we get the opportunity to see the children again. While some people may not agree with this perspective, we believe that the trail in Scripture is strong enough. We hope that is provides comfort to you or someone you know.