Survive, Thrive, Succeed

Together, we are embarking on an exciting new journey with Children’s HopeChest and Vision Baptist Centre in the establishment of the Kakira CarePoint. This post is dedicated to give you a snap shot of what the development of Kakira Carepoint will entail.

Through the next several years, Kakira CarePoint will mature through three distinct phases of growth.

Survive, Thrive, Succeed

So what happens within each phase? How does Lifepoint fit in this development?


Survive, begins with child sponsorship; to the glory of God, Lifepoint has sponsored 177 children so far. During the survive phase, we will work to develop, create and strengthen in the following areas:

  • Gospel-centered discipleship:
    • Discipleship will take place in many forms. The local church at Kakira Baptist Centre will lead this area, however, Lifepoint gets the honor of taking part in discipleship as well. Sponsors will have the opportunity to encourage the next generation in Kakira through letter writing and our teams will get to participate on the ground through, partnering with the local church in storytelling, songs and a lot of fun!
  • Relational connection between Kakira kids and sponsor families:
    • Families will have the opportunity to send pictures, letters and cards to their sponsored child. Kakira kids will do the same, sending letters and providing an insight to how they are doing and their continued growth.
  • Access to nutrition & basic medical care:
    • Nutritional care is a necessity; the CarePoint will provide a balanced meal at minimum once per day to sponsored children.
  • Access to clean water & sanitation (potential drilling of a borehole and new latrines):
    • The CarePoint will provide access to clean water that is safe to drink, through the digging of a borehole and the creation of new latrines that the children are able to access.


Thrive is the second of the three phases; in the Thrive development phase, the Kakira CarePoint empowers local leaders of the community to begin equipping the next generation for future success and look to become self-sustaining. This may be accomplished through:

  • Educational Support:
    • Continuous educational access for all sponsored children will be provided through local schools.
  • Job skills and trade training:
    • New skills and trades will be taught by community members to CarePoint children; these trades and skill could be learning how to repair a small engine on a “boda boda” (motorcycle taxi), tailoring or baking (to name just a few).
  • Emergency & preventive medical solutions
  • Beginning to create income generating activities
    • Utilizing the new skills and trades that the CarePoint team teaches the children, they will begin to generate income. This income will may be used by the CarePoint to create or build out agricultural projects, tailoring, shoe making or sustainment of other learnings and earnings.


Succeed is the final phase, where the CarePoint works toward long-term sustainability. Of the three phases, Succeed is the longest and the most enduring, but so satisfying! At the end of Succeed and by the grace of God, Kakira CarePoint will no longer require any sponsor resources from Lifepoint to continue their mission and Kingdom work within the community.

  • Incoming generating activities and practices are in-place
  • Agriculture projects are sustaining
  • Self-sustainability is achieved

A transformational approach will take time to achieve; it will take patience from the CarePoint staff, and it will take commitment from us, walking alongside Kakira CarePoint as partners, brothers and sisters in Christ.

When will we know we’ve reached succeed?

HopeChest says it best: “When we’re no longer needed.”