Students in Toronto

This week a group of our students are ministering in Toronto.  We asked them how we can be praying for them specifically.  Be encouraged by the faith and obedience of these young men and women and lift them up to the Father through the remainder of the week!

Prayer Request #1: VBS

  • Pray that the kids rely on the Holy Spirit as they communicate the gospel across many cultures.  Nearly half of the Greater Toronto Area was born outside of Canada.
  • Pray for the students as they lead VBS in a park that the summer team has been working in.  Ask the Lord to soften the hearts of the kids (and their parents) who will interact with the team this week.  
    • Pray for the teams that will be leading music, recreation, Bible storying, crafts and small groups.
    • Pray for instant and genuine connection with the kids.


Prayer Request #2: Spiritual Mapping

  • Spiritual mapping can be a difficult / scary task for some.  Pray that God would give the students boldness and confidence in Him.  Pray that God would give the students wisdom, without reproach (James 1:5).
  • Ask the Lord to open the door to many Gospel conversations. Ask that the students would “know the love of Christ that surpasses knowledge” and that they may be “filled with all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19

Prayer Request #3: The Team

  • Pray for team unity and flexibility.
  • Pray for sustained energy and strength.
  • Pray that the students would focus on Jesus and engage this journey in an attitude of humility and selflessness.
  • Pray that the kids experience God is a new and very real way this week and that God would use this journey to call them further to Himself.
  • Pray that through this journey some of the students would even begin to sense God’s call to ministry / missions.

CHILE UPDATE: The Chile team makes their way home later today.  Praise the Lord for a wonderful week (full update next month).  Praise Him for keeping them safe amidst 2 earthquakes.