This past Sunday, we were so excited to share news of Lifepoint’s expanded work in Uganda.  Partnering with Children’s HopeChest and Vision Baptist Centre, in just a few weeks we will be launching Kakira CarePoint in Kakira, Uganda.

If you missed the announcement, you can check out the video and an FAQ sheet here.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some more details about the CarePoint and ways that YOU can be involved.

So far, most of the questions we have received have been in regards to child sponsorship – so here are some answers we hope you find helpful as you pray toward whether or not this is a step God is asking you to take.


Through Children’s HopeChest’s unique Community-to-Community model, individuals and families from Lifepoint will have the incredible opportunity to step into relationship with a child living in Kakira, Uganda. Child Sponsorship is the first step we will take together, as a church family, toward equipping individuals and families to become self-sustainable.

  1. Why Sponsorship?
    • The most important reason to sponsor a child at Kakira CarePoint… relationship! There will be opportunity to write your child, receive letters from your child, and share photos and encouragement with one another. For both the sponsor and the child, this is most important part!
  2. When can I sign up to sponsor?
    • Sunday, October 8th, everyone who attends Lifepoint will have the first opportunity to sponsor a child.  Not going to be able to make it that day? No worries, you will still have the opportunity after that date.
  3. How much does it cost to sponsor a child?
    • The cost to sponsor a child is $38 / month.
  4. How long is the commitment for sponsoring a child?
    • While there is no minimum / maximum time commitment required, there are 3 things that could affect the duration of child sponsorship.
      • You are no longer able to / wish to sponsor a child.
      • Your sponsored child ages out of sponsorship.
      • Kakira CarePoint reaches self-sustainability and Lifepoint ends funding through sponsorship.
  5. If I travel to Uganda on one of Lifepoint’s trips, will I be able to meet my sponsored child?
    • Absolutely!
  6. How are sponsorship dollars used?
    • Children’s HopeChest is deeply committed to financial integrity and ensuring that their donors’ dollars are carefully managed and leveraged for the most impact possible. They also are highly transparent about their full financials. You can visit their financials page here.
    • At the CarePoint level, sponsorship dollars are used in the following breakdown:
      • 50% Child Survival: Fifty percent of all sponsorship funds are spent on direct child survival needs as determined by HopeChest field staff and CarePoint leadership. This could include food, clean water, medical care, clothing etc.
      • 30% Program Delivery: Thirty percent of all sponsorship funds will provide for Kakira CarePoint’s development plan. This includes resources for programming, field ministry staff, Christian discipleship programming, US program staff, and child / sponsor letter correspondence.
      • 20% Admin & Fundraising: CHC allocates 20% to administration, fundraising, donor reporting, and accounting. These funds cover annual audits, membership in the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability, donor receipting, financial reporting, and external marketing. Average administrative and fundraising costs are between 15-18% annually.