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Little Giants

Slam Dunk

We will look at how public baptism relates to the New Testament and to us.

Gift Ideas

The gifts and fruit of the Holy Spirit help us grow.

Gone With the Wind

The Holy Spirit was given to us as Guide into truth.

Own the Mission

Paul uses the lives of Luke and Demas to teach us about career and character.

In Dependence

Your starting line looks different than your finish line.

Remember the Gospel

What we remember and believe to be true impacts the way we live.


Becoming the men that God wants us to become means that we have to lead by Initiating.

Respect the Index

  Paul uses the biographies of his team to teach about failure and faithfulness.

Modern Family

Paul teaches parents and children how they can work together for God’s glory.

Fast Food and the New You

In Colossians 3, Paul tells us that we have been raised with Christ, that we’ve put off the old self, and have put on the new. In this message, by way of fast food analogy, we explore what it looks like to put off the old self and start living like like the new self.

Good Work Ethics

Paul teaches us that instead of living to work, we work to live as a way of glorifying God.

Law & Order

We learn that it’s best to live by love and not lists.

There’s More to Mother’s Day

As we think about moms, we learn that women uniquely show us the character of God.

It All Adds Up

When we come to Christ our patterns and mindsets change as we put off the old and put on the new. Putting on the new changes the way that we think about ourselves, and others and causes us to experience the kind of freedom that only forgiveness brings.

I Fought the Law and the Law Won

Paul teaches that legalism kills our faith, while God’s love grows our faith.  

A Gospel Fight

Paul teaches us that the gospel touches every area of our lives  

Bigger is Better

Paul teaches us that we both have and need a big view of Jesus. Too often, we minimize a maximized God!  

Talk Time

We all want the latest version or upgrade. In Colossians 1, Paul explains how he has prayed for them to be settled into the original Gospel.

Grave Consequences

Paul finishes out the chapter by teaching us that because of the cross and the resurrection, nothing can separate us from God’s love.

Hope Floats

Romans 8 teaches us that God’s Spirit is praying for us, even when we don’t know how to pray. This gives us ultimate hope.

The Spirit is Willing

In the middle of Romans 8, Paul explains both how we can know whether or not we are Christians and how we can grow into Him.

What the Law Couldn’t Do

On our own, we fall utterly short of the righteous requirement of the law. We don’t love others the way we love ourselves. But God, because of His great love for us, sent His own Son do to what we couldn’t. By His life, death, and resurrection, “there is therefore now no condemnation for those […]


Looking through the lens of the movie Race, Jesus teaches us about how the Gospel brings healing.

The Sound of Music

As we look at the spiritual battle of remembering and forgetting, we will see past the distractions to what really matters.

MockingJay 2

The movie “MockingJay 2” reminds us that life is both distracting and difficult. We discover that God invites us to remember and rest, as we study Psalm 103.

Star Wars

From the Star Wars film, we discuss the definition of what it truly means to be a hero, fight a villain, and find an antidote from a spiritual perspective.

Staying on the Sidelines

From being the church’s greatest enemy to becoming the church’s greatest missionary, the transformation of the apostle Paul is one of the greatest stories ever told. But his life is more than just a story; it’s a challenge to all Christians to come off of the sidelines and engage in the mission of Jesus.

Missionary Community

Mission is accomplished most effectively in the context of community. God’s great purposes are best pursued with others!

Wide-Opened World

Paul was the human conduit through which God planted many of the early churches outside of Jerusalem. We’ll learn both his approach and his motivation for the mission.

Vision 2016

As we begin a new year, the Psalms teach us that relationship with and the worship of God are paramount in our lives.

How to Run on Endurance

This message looks into the mindset of Christ, who faced powerful opposition, but endured and secured victory over life’s obstacles. Issues discussed are challenges like ‘instant gratification,’ and ‘people pleasing.’

Mary’s Christmas

Mary shows us the contrast of Christmas…that Great Light dispels great darkness.

Ode to the Crossroads

Matthew includes David and Bathsheba in Jesus’ genealogy to teach us how to handle the crossroads moments in our lives.

Ruth, Robitussian, and Refugees

In Matthew’s genealogy, Ruth sticks out because she wasn’t Hebrew-born—she migrated to Israel through her relationship with Naomi. Her story teaches us about how the Gospel deals with racism, immigration, and our own hearts.  

Tamar’s Story

Jesus had a messed-up family, too. One of his ancestors, a woman named Tamar, serves as a case-in-point. Her story, with all its messiness, illustrates God’s sovereignty, his compassion, and his unique ability to bring beauty out of the most broken situations.  

Test Subject

Our identity is revealed in moments of testing. Sometimes we learn that our stuff owns us, instead of us owning our stuff.


We draw our identity from who and what God has designed us to be for, and not what we are against. Jesus teaches us how to live from a grace-driven identity.  

The Good Person

When it comes to our relationship with God, how good is good enough? As we kick off our new series, Identity Theft, we take a look at spiritual “frauds” in our lives, including the belief that God just wants me to be a good person.


We learn from Exodus’ journey about envy. Envy is the circumstantial hated that plagues all of our lives…the invisible sin that God reveals for our good.


In this message, we discover that wrath is good anger gone bad. We see that Jesus modeled righteous anger for us, and we learn how to diagnose and treat the sinful anger in our lives.


Lust is quite possibly the most visible of the seven deadly sins in our culture. In this message we discuss what lust is and how we deal with it.


Pride is fragrance of the seven deadly sins; it touches them all. In this message we explore how to identify and deal with what  Augustine called the “sin underneath all the other sins.”


Of the Seven Deadly Sins, gluttony seems like the least deadly. However, we learn from Joshua, Jesus, and our early church fathers what happens when something minor becomes desire.


Greed, the love of and desire for material possessions, affects all of us. And while having wealth is not a sin in an of itself, allowing greed to have its way in our lives ultimately blinds us to our need for God and the needs of those around us. Moreover, our greed reveals a deeper […]


Summary: Fighting sloth means that we need to close the gap between who we say that we are and who we really are. Jesus teaches us that through a lesson with the Disciples.


The Bible talks about seven deadly sins. In this series, we’ll talk about the decision behind all of our decisions…specifically in this message, we’ll discuss the anatomy, depravity, and remedy for sin

Rules of the Relationship

Once you’re in a relationship, you begin to define the rules and the “boundaries” of that relationship to build it and keep it healthy. But the relationship has to come first. The first 12 chapters of Hebrews remind us of our relationship with Christ. In chapter 13, we look at the practical implications (rules) for that relationship.

Walker Texas Ranger, Ray Barone & Greg House

Hebrews 12 gives us three pictures of how God relates to us in difficult circumstances through the person of Jesus.

Moving Forwards Backwards

From some of the great examples of faith in the Bible, we learn that God exists and God rewards.

Save Your Bull

Hebrews teaches us that Jesus is so much Greater Than, we need to draw near, hold fast, and stir up!